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Book your Guided History, Music and Cultural Tour of Liverpool


Global City Experience brings history and culture to you. We offer History, Cultural and Music Tours of Liverpool, UK. Book your private in-depth experience of Liverpool's History from a Medieval English Town to the Global City of the British Empire.


Take a journey through time in an Historical Global Port City. Come and join us on an amazing journey through Liverpool's past from 1207 - the present. Learn and experience Liverpool's vibrant and historical heritage in-depth.


Our Tour Guides are Academic, Post-Graduate Local Historians that will provide you with Unique Educational, Entertaining History and Cultural Tours and Events in Liverpool, UK.









Bringing History, Culture and 

Your Adventure to you

See Below for details of each of our Private Tours on offer

Global City Experience: Liver Bird 2

A Walk Through Time: History of Liverpool Walking Tour

Global City Experience: Liverpool Waterfront 4

Time-Travel through Liverpool's globally important, vibrant and dark past on a chronological in-depth and entertaining History Walking Tour of Liverpool, a Global Port City and once known as the 'Second City of the British Empire.'  
Including the 'Three Graces', St. Nicholas' Church, The Town Hall, Castle Street, the 'Old Dock', Liverpool One, The Royal Albert Dock and The Liverpool Waterfront.
From receiving Liverpool's Town Charter in 1207 to becoming a Global Port City and world-renowned commercial centre.A pioneer for History, Culture, Music, Science and Architecture.
Take a chronological  trip through time and receive a full in-depth tour of Liverpool's Top Sites and most famous streets and locations.

This Tour begins at the entrance of the Royal Liver Buildings.

Global City Experience: Liverpool Waterfront 3
Global City Experience: Liverpool Town Hall 2
Global City Experience: Queen Victoria Monument Liverpool
Global City Experience: Liverpool Royal Albert Dock

'The Beatles Tour'

Global City Experience: The Beatles Statue Liverpool 2

Come and take a private in-depth and entertaining Historical Tour of 'The Beatles in Liverpool'. Visit Mathew Street and the famous 1960s 'Merseybeat' Music Scene venues that changed the world.
Visit were the Beatles played and created their unique sound before shaking the world of music, arts, fashion and fame.Come and have a Private Walking Tour on the Beatles. See the famous venues and sites where the Beatles played and became famous.
Learn of the Beatles' amazing journey and take a trip to 1960s Liverpool. Walk where the Beatles walked and visit the prominent world famous Merseybeat era and visit the most famous sites of the 60's where artists such as Cilla Black and Billy Fury became famous. 

This Tour begins at the Billy Fury Statue, Royal Albert Dock,

Global City Expeirence: Billy Fury Statue 1
Global City Experience: Museum of Liverpool
Global City Experience: Mathew Street Liverpool 2

Liverpool Ghost Walking Tour

Global City Experience: Dock Street Photograph: Black and White

Have a Private Tour of Liverpool's most haunted streets. See why Liverpool is one of the main locations in the world for Ghost Sightings.
Learn Liverpool's dark past and eerie tales from Medieval times to the modern day.

Come and see the reason why Liverpool is known worldwide for its dark past and ghost sightings. Take a trip into the past as we take you on an eerie and entertaining adventure through Liverpool's most haunted streets.

This Tour begins outside the entrance of the Royal Philharmonic Hall.

Global City Experience: Royal Liver Buildings Photograph: Black and White 2
Global City Experience: Liverpool Cathederal
Global City Experience: Liverpool Dock Road Night
Global City Experience: Liverpool Bombed Out Church
Global City Experience: Edward VII Statue 2
Book Your Tour Today!
Each of our Tours lasts 2 Hours and each ticket also includes your very own Specialist, Professional, Academic Historian Guide.

You will not find a better, inclusive and more affordable Tour Package of Liverpool anywhere else. Take advantage of this service now and visit Liverpool in style and sophistication.

Global City Experience: Tour Group 1
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