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Liverpool Skyline St Johns Tower  Cathed
the true emblem of Liverpool
Monument to King Edward VII at the foreg

About Us

'Those who don't know their History are condemned to repeat their past' (George Santayana)
Global City Experience is an Education and Private Tour Operator in the Cultural Sector, based in Liverpool, UK. Our vision is to promote and offer an innovative History programme to a Global Audience, presenting Local and Global History using multi-media on location as well as online. The aim of Global City Experience is to provide a refreshing, unique educational service to everyone across the Globe. We provide unique Private Tour Services to Tourists and Students of all ages. We also provide online Documentaries, Podcasts, Journals, and a popular History Blog. 
Our History and Cultural Services are completely unique in that each of our Tours, Documentaries, Podcasts and Services are in-depth, academic and entertaining. All encompassing the true, chronological and vibrant History of Global Cities of the World. Starting with Liverpool, UK, covering over 800 years of History and Cultural development from receiving its Town Charter in 1207 to its Modern Commercial Centre of 2020. 

Global City Experience - What we do.


Global City Experience is a Tour Operating Company based in Liverpool, UK. We provide unique, in-depth, academic History and Cultural Tours in Liverpool, a Global Port City rich in vibrant History, Culture and Heritage. We also provide Educational History Services Online for everyone across the Globe, including Documentaries, Podcasts, Journals and Blogs.


We offer high quality, professional, entertaining, educational experiences with a dedication to providing the highest standards and excellence in Historical and Cultural Tours and Education Sessions.


We work towards increasing and maintaining the recognition and Tourism of Liverpool and Global History world-wide.

Created To Inspire
Global City Experience was created to offer a new, original Tour Experience, offering a real academic and entertaining aspect to visiting the Liverpool,  a Global Port City, and learning the diverse and amazing History of the 'Second City of the British Empire', Home of the Beatles and the Merseybeat and the largest Global Trading Port on Earth by the 19th Century.
We aim to not only provide full Historical Experiences of Liverpool, yet we also provide fascinating Documentaries and Educational Services Online. We aim to educate and inspire our visitors to experience their own Adventure and enjoy their trip with us to the maximum. 
Unique Tours
Our Historians and Tour Guides are Academically trained to Masters Degree Level and Post-Graduate Degree Level and they will take you on a Private Tour through time around Liverpool's City Centre, providing you an entertaining tour of Liverpool's unique and rare past, from a Medieval Military Port to the Global Port City and Largest Dock System in the World.
Each of our Tours provides an in-depth chronological and factual History of Liverpool and is supported by factual primary and secondary Historical Evidence.
Our Documentary Services provide a unique, interactive form of Educational Programming Online. Taking Multi-Media Education to the next level, utilising Primary and Secondary Historical Evidence and first-hand accounts and interviews, we enable our viewers to create their own experience through selecting the areas that they are interested in throughout our programming. 
Our Educators and Historians are expert academics in their field, educated to Post-Graduate Level, Scholars and Teachers will provide you with a fascinating experience.
The Best Value for Money
Our Tours are a great way to see and learn the full and true History of Liverpool and its vibrant culture. Our Tours are also a fantastic way to see the City's top sites and visit Liverpool's most famous areas and streets.
For just purchasing one ticket, you will receive your own Private Academic, in-depth, Entertaining Tour catered 100% to your needs. For one ticket, we will provide you a Private Experience of Liverpool, we will take you to all of Liverpool's most famous and top sites, including the 'Three Graces' (Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building, Port of Liverpool Building), the Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool One (the Old Dock), St Nicholas' Church (the oldest building in Liverpool City Centre), the Town Hall, Castle Street and more.
Take a look at our Private Tours now on our Tours and Experiences Page and book your very own Private Tour today. 
You will not find a better, inclusive and more affordable Tour Package of Liverpool anywhere else. Take advantage of this service now and visit Liverpool in style and sophistication.
Global City Experience: St. Georges Hall Liverpool

Times and Opening Hours

Tours commence from 10:00. We run 4 Tours per-day, Monday-Sunday every day of the year. 

Contact us via our Contact Us page on this site, or
Email: or Tel: 07525463939

Each of our Tours lasts 1 Hour, 50 Minutes and includes Liverpool's top most visited sites. See our Tours and Experiences Page for more details and book your tour on our Book Your Experience Page.


Global City Experience: Liverpool Skyline Night: Royal Albert Dock
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